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  • Custom Programming

    With 15 years of experience with Outlook add-ins alone, plus 20 years in the software business as a "full-stack" professional - your project will get done right, and get done well. I have deep expertise with the Outlook Object Model, Office desktop and web Add-ins (including the Office 365 REST and Office for JavaScript APIs), VSTO, Add-in Express, Redemption, SharePoint anything, Exchange Web Services, .NET and Azure Cloud Services. Programming languages include C#, VB.NET, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

    Whether its an add-in, desktop software, database or web application - I can build it. Or WE can build it - I have a deep roster of sub-contractors that can be leveraged for complex solutions as needed.

  • Product Onboarding

    Need to get your innovative software solution out to market - fast and good? Look no further: we've got the experience building complex solutions with enterprise and global consumer markets in mind. We'll help you manage your product road map, build innovative features, architect your software for cloud and mobile integration and build an audience of trust agents and happy users to rock your brand.

    Even better - why not partner with or invest in Rockin' Software? Inquiries are welcome.

  • Ecommerce Solutions and Marketing (Shopify, MailChimp, etc.)

    Remember Anyone? Buhler?? Selling products online is tough! We've felt the pain! But with the right BUDGET and enough talented resources a custom Outlook solution CAN make money. Add us to the mix and it'll save you the effort in getting your fancy web store up and running on Shopify, with juicy themes and a wicked product catalog. We'll even setup, manage and execute your marketing campaigns with MailChimp or MailJet or SendMail or whatever.

  • Business Process Automation - and SharePoint

    My consulting skills grew out of a baptism by fire at the turn of the century, working with a cut-throat team of professionals out of Adapsys' New Business Unit. I was the "Microsoft guy" as we travelled the country implementing knowledge/document management, collaboration, imaging and workflow solutions in large enterprises and government departments. If I can help large entities such as J.D. Irving, Ontario’s Ministry of Labour and the Departments of Justice AND Finance of the province of Saskatchewan – then YOUR problems are safe to be solved in my digital hands.

    Later I continued my specialization with Imaginet, where I was quite likely the first SharePoint consultant in Winnipeg. At Adapsys I had already been working with the Digital Dashboard SDK, SharePoint Team Services and “Tahoe” (SharePoint Portal Server 2001. Fast forward several years and I worked on something like 20 different projects with SPS 2003/Windows SharePoint Services 2.0, MOSS 2007/WSS3 and SharePoint 2010.

    While I may now be “that Outlook guy”, I was also – and still am to a degree – “that SharePoint guy”. Set me loose on a SharePoint project and you won’t regret it.

  • Office 365 "QuickStart" for Small Businesses

    Do you need:

    professional grade e-mail, contact and calendaring?
    setting up your custom domains?
    training on core collaboration/workgroup features in SharePoint and Outlook/Exchange?
    tips and tricks and mentoring for Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint and Visio?

    As some of my customers have said after using my services: “Wow!”

  • Software Licensing Services

    Do you have a custom Windows/Office application that needs easy and secure product licensing, validation and activation? Let us know - we'll hook you up with "phone home" services that'll ensure a user is properly authorized to use your software for trial, full or subscription based licenses. We've even got a developer API to help integrate common licensing actions into your product, as well as a flexible database for multiple products and eCommerce bundles. Want to send unique license keys to new customers who purchased a product in your new Shopify store? We can automatically generate them and provide beautiful e-mail tempaltes to do all this and more!

  • Web Site Design

    Sure, why not! I built this web site myself, after all. Plus I'm old enough to say I once built web sites for a new-fangled Netscape browser back in 1992. I've now assimilated the modern tech: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and responsive design.